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Is Mel Gibson Playing Matchmaker for Cher?

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Mel Gibson is really good friends with Cher… who would have thought?

So what have these two BFF’s been up to recently? Well, it looks like Mel is going to help Cher find a man!

If there is one person you want love advice from it’s definitely NOT Mel Gibson.

“Cher’s well aware of Mel’s reputation, but they’ve always been fans of each other’s work and have had a fun-loving, lighthearted friendship,” reveals a source.

The two meet up at Soho House in Hollywood and during their conversation Cher mentioned that she is happy being single, but Mel wasn’t buying it and insisted on helping her.

“Cher laughed and said, ‘OK, if you think you can find my Mr. Right…fix me up!’”

Both have had troubled love lives in the past. The 66-year-old Cher has been married twice and has dated many men over the years, but she has never found the perfect one.

Mel, 56, cheated on his wife of 31 years with his mistress and then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Later Oksana obtained a restraining order against Mel for domestic violence.

Despite each of their pasts “Cher is looking forward to her first date. She’s expect¬ing Mel to make good on his promise of being her personal ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’”

Well good luck with that one Cher.

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