Mel Gibson Offends Latinos With "Wetbacks" Comment

Mel Gibson is on a roll and by the time he’s done, he’ll have offended every race known to man. What’s next, aliens? This time, on Mel Gibson Hysteria 2010™, Mel has taken aim at Latinos.

Mel hasn’t been doing himself any favors these past few weeks. First, it was revealed that he wished his babymama Oksana to get raped by a pack of N words. Now, he’s offending the rest of the planet Latinos.

In one of the leaked taped conversations, Mel was telling Oksana that he was going to report one of his employees to the immigration authorities. He said to Oksana, “I will report her to the f**king people that take f**king money from the wetbacks.”

Wow. Stay classy, Mel. Such a bigot, he makes me ill. Maybe he can just fade away now. I’m sure there’s more on those tapes that we haven’t heard yet. Who do you think he’ll offend next?

Mel’s apology to the world in 3…..2……1.

source: WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape - Calls Latinos ‘Wetbacks’ - [radar online]

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