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Mel Gibson Meets His Match in Mouthy Paparazzo

Most paps seem to back down or say something inane when confronted by a celebrity. Not so this guy from Access Hollywood. The pap was filming Mel Gibson when Mel decided to film the pap. Apparently Mel decided that he could get the best in a "who can think on their feet faster" game. Much to Mel's chagrin, the pap was much, much quicker on his feet, and kept Mel off balance with great comebacks and great questions.

I am trying to find the video. I just watched it once on television, but can't find it anywhere. It basically was a pap who was sitting in his car, and Mel got out and went to the pap's car and asked him to roll down the window so he could film him better. Then, the pap obliged and began asking questions to Mel like if he had hit Oksana, and why he said all the racist remarks, and on and on.

Mel seemed flustered and was not expecting it. At the end, the pap asked Mel if he thought he could get his money back for every movie he ever saw Mel Gibson make. It was great. Now just find the video!!


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