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Mel Gibson Breaks Silence on Oksana Grigorieva Scandal

Finally, a word from Mel Gibson about the whole pungent Oksana Grigorieva baby mama drama.

Gibson has finally addressed ex Grigorieva’s accusations – specifically her claim that he beat her while she was holding their infant daughter Lucia.

I have never and would never hurt Lucia and I have most certainly never threatened to do so,” Gibson said in a court filing, published by RadarOline.

My children are the most precious part of my life, he adds.

Among these false statements are allegations by Oksana that I hurt Lucia and that I have made threats to hurt or even to kill our daughter! Gibson wrote.

Gibson’s court filing also says he and Grigorieva reached an agreement on a comprehensive custody plan for Lucia back in May, but Grigorieva shunned the $20 million agreement – because she’d have to share custody with Gibson.

The pair are currently slugging it out in court to decide who gets custody.

Something tells me things will get worse before they get better with these two.


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