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Megan Fox Shows Her Love for Mickey Rourke with Tattoo

Megan Fox is so in awe of Mickey Rourke, she’s got herself inked as a tribute to her Passion Play co-star.

Fox says she felt such a deep connection with Rourke as they filmed the flick, she wanted a permanent reminder of what they’d shared together.

She told

“Mickey is such a beautiful, wonderful human being. He’s so genuine and so sweet and so talented. I just love him to death.

“I kept telling him that he needs to have kids, because I think he’s going to be an amazing dad. I hope he does that soon.

“I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honour of him. It’s on my ribs. I don’t know if it’s been photographed yet, but it’ll come out eventually, I’m sure.

“I just love him very much and think he’s very special.”

That’s nice, dear. How random. She’s clearly as mad as a bag of snakes.

Cop an eyeful of said tattoo:

Image placeholder title

From Live Journal.


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