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Ozzy Osbourne's Cure for Athlete's Foot: Cocaine

The Sunday Times Magazine has been running a regular feature which involves Ozzy Osbourne dispensing medical advice. No, Ozzy is not a doctor, but his column is much better than The Goopster's weekly superficial-ness.

This week, Ozzy decided to share how he used to cure athlete's foot while on the road playing. "Funnily enough, in the 1980s I used to cure athlete's foot by pouring cocaine on my toes. They cut the stuff with so much foot powder back then, it was the best treatment you could find if you had an outbreak on the road. The only problem was the price, which was around $3,000 a toe."

See, if this had been The Goopster, she would have gone on and on about some friend who has some magical formula that is full of natural ingredients, and gone on and on and on. Ozzy just cuts right to the chase. Also, how desperate do you want to be to have some coke, knowing they are cutting it with foot powder?


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