McDonald’s Offers Candlelight Valentine's Dinners


If you're struggling with what to get your significant other for Valentine's Day, a McDonald's in Tampa, Florida is offering candlelight dinners.

The fast food joint wants lovebirds to create their "McMemories" with tabletop flowers, electronic candles and McDonald's employees as waiters. The restaurant is planning to give free roses to the first ten people who make phone reservations.

"[Service manager Liliana Rofario] came to me and asked me what I thought. She has three kids and she thought it would be a cool thing for them. Maybe for them it's a first Valentine's Day, and they can't afford to go to a lot of places," McDonald's general manager Ernesto Izquierdo told the Tampa Bay Times. "There a misconception that it has to be romantic. It's about showing someone you love them."

A McDonald's in Warilla, Australia, is going to serve hamburgers and chicken nuggets on real plates, as well as soda and milkshakes in real glasses, which will be brought to tables by a waiter, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

There will also be tea lights, soft music, roses and heart-shaped chocolates.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, The Sydney Morning Herald.
Image Credit: ParentingPatch


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