Mark Wahlberg to Star in "The Crow" Remake?

Back in June, I originally reported that The Crow re-boot was set to start filming. Well, they haven’t begin to film yet, as apparently, they have yet to sign a lead actor for the film.

Now for the kicker…

Mark Wahlberg is currently in talks with Relativity Media to star as a revamped Eric Draven.

I am severely against this remake… BUT having said that, it might not suck nearly as bad as I originally anticipated if Wahlberg heads up the cast.

Oh really, who am I kidding. It is going to be disastrous!

Brandon Lee - god rest his soul - would be turning over in his grave if he knew what became of his legendary character.

Do you think Wahlberg can pull off the goth makeup and black leather? I wanna hear your thoughts!

Source: Mark Wahlberg in talks for ‘The Crow’ remake [PopWatch]

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