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Mark Wahlberg Raises Money for Children's Charity on CIBC Miracle Day

Mark Wahlberg is in Toronto where he joined CIBC's traders and brokers making phone calls for the CIBC Miracle Day to help raise money for Children's charities including getting on the phones. He says of the importance of giving back:

"I know first-hand the important work done by charities and organizations that support kids and youth," "As a kid, I was fortunate enough to spend my free time in the positive and nurturing environment of the Boys and Girls club. I am pleased to support CIBC Miracle Day because together we can make a difference."

The CIBC Miracle Day has been doing it's wonderful work for 28 years and:

has supported and improved the quality of life for Canadian children. Whether a hot meal to start the day, extra help with schoolwork, a place to turn to in a crisis, or the fulfillment of a child's special wish – the joint efforts of CIBC employees and clients have helped thousands of children in need.

In 2011, more than $4.1 million was raised in Canada for children's charities and more than$64 million since it began in 1984.

Great work by both CIBC and Mark Wahlberg!

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