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What's Mark Sanchez Doing with 17-Year-Old Girlfriend?

Lets face it. Mark Sanchez has everything a guy could want. He is good looking, makes a bunch of money playing a game and he is very, very good at it.

With all of that comes the choice of dating pretty much whoever he wants. He has dated models and actresses including, Jamie Lynn Sigler, but what Mark really likes are 17 year old girls still in high school.Huh?

Yep. According to Deadspin, Mark Sanchez hooked up with a girl who is still in high school. She told Mark she was just 17, and he said they could talk, but he wanted to wait until she was 18 to get intimate.

Well, soon after, she told him that it was legal in New York and New Jersey for her 17 year old self to have sex with him. So, with that Mark crumbled and the pair hooked up. Mark is only 24 so the age gap is not that great, and the age of consent in New York is 17 and in New Jersey is 16 so they were legal. I do wonder about transporting a minor across state lines for sex, but that is something I am too lazy to look up.

The question is why would you want to date someone in high school when you are a pro quarterback and in your mid-twenties? The story gets more interesting. Deadspin found out about her and at first the girl was cooperative and talked and provided proof she had been in Mark's home.

Later, after the Jets found out about it she threatened to sue Deadspin if they mentioned she was 17. Payoff for being quiet?


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