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DJ Mark Ronson Mugged in New York

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Recently Mark Ronson was mugged on the streets of New York. I think it was probably the blond hair that attracted them.

Anyway, after demanding he turn over all his money, the group of muggers stayed next to Ronson as they debated what they were going to do next that night. Seriously? How confident were these guys they were not going to get caught that they can stand around and chat for a few minutes about what they are going to do?

Mark says, "As they're coming to the end of mugging me, I'm still standing there and they're making their plans. One of them is, like, 'We'll meet you back at so-and-so's house,' and they knock fists together. And, because I had so many nerves running through me, I actually put my hand out and did the same. Like, 'Yeah, thanks for that.'"

Yeah, thanks for mugging me. I understand what he must have been going through. Can you imagine the adrenaline that must have been running through him? He was probably grateful to not be hurt and to be alive. It also makes you realize how kidnapping victims can start to identify with their captors.


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