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Marie Osmond: Son Who Killed Self wasn't Gay

I watched Marie Osmond on The Oprah Winfrey Show today, and it was a really heartbreaking hour that focused on the suicide death of her son Michael.

Michael was 18 when he jumped to his death in Los Angeles last February. There had been speculation that Michael’s depression was connected to a struggle with his sexuality, but his mother set the record straight: ”My son was not gay,” Marie said. “He wanted to be married and have a family and travel all over the world. And it wouldn’t matter if he was — I have a daughter who’s gay. She was the most offended by [the rumors],” she said, adding that her daughter felt they implied that “everyone who’s gay commits suicide.”

Marie revealed that Michael had previously attempted suicide in 2007 while she was competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and had struggled with drugs since the age of 12.

“He promised he would never do anything like that again and I believed him,” she said. “Whatever his reality was, I do believe that there are moments when you slip into insanity and you no longer think rationally. I believe that’s what happened.”

Michael is one of Marie’s eight children and among the five she adopted.

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