Mariah Carey Did Cleanse, Acupuncture to Get Pregnant


It wasn't easy for Mariah Carey to get pregnant.

The singer put her body through a cleansing to get her body prepared to bear a child.

“I put my body through like a whole kind of cleansing kind of situation and prepared,” she said.

“I had to be on progesterone. I did end up being on progesterone like every month to go through the cycles — especially after going through the operations and stuff.

“And then, you know, because it sort of helps seal the pregnancy, but it also bloats you, it also puts on weight,” she added. “So then everybody was like, ‘Oh the weight gain, she’s definitely pregnant!’ And I’m like, ‘Well, at some point I was.’”

The megastar received a helpful tip from another megastar Celine Dion, who also had struggled with getting pregnant.

“[Celine Dion] was talking about acupuncture,” she said. “I used to get acupuncture, and I had never thought [of it] with regards to the trying to conceive situation.

“I was [getting acupuncture] like once a day at least. “It was on a schedule, everything. For the first time in my life, I spent time in one place — as you know I’m always traveling just all over the place. “People who know me would be like, ‘You scheduled acupuncture at a certain time every day? You stayed in one place? You listened to these weird, etherial tapes?’”


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