Mariah Carey To Confirm Pregnancy On "Oprah"?

Mariah Carey and her little husband, Nick Cannon, have been doing their darndest to keep this pregnancy under wraps. Problem is, it’s pregnancy. The belly has to expand. And with Mariah being on all those fertility drugs earlier, while trying to get knocked up, she started showing those curves prematurely.

Mariah has a new Christmas album coming out, ‘Merry Christmas II You‘ and she’ll be on a quick promotional tour to hype it up. This is when we are going to get her confirmation on this mystery pregnancy.

Mariah will finally have to put all of her superstitions aside and announce what we all already know. It’s a boy!  She will be appearing on Oprah and The View in the next couple of weeks, so get ready for a lot of squealing and female excitement mixed with crazy tears of “joy.”

I understand wanting to keep things private. But when you are dealing with Mariah Carey's kind of curves, you should stay hidden if you don’t want everyone talking. Who can help themselves?

Congrats to Mariah and Nick… for finally coming out with it.  Now we can get back to speculating on Beyonce being pregnant.


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