Mariah Carey's Baby Bump Revealed?


Rumors of Mariah Carey getting pregnant surface as often as every week, but this time it looks like she’s really expecting.

At her latest show in Brazil over the weekend, Mariah showed off an obvious baby bump. Even the black sequined empire waist dress couldn’t help her hide it.

And even though Carey does look pregnant in the photos, it seems strange to me that someone like her and her toy-boy husband Nick Cannon don’t use such a great opportunity as pregnancy to grab some spotlight they’ve been surely missing lately.

Is there something you want to tell us, Mariah?

FYI, ever since their hush-hush marriage in April 2008, Ms Carey and Nick Cannon have always been very vocal about their desperate desire to start a family. And though the pregnancy rumors keep on coming back as a boomerang every now and then, the couple have always denied them… until now. On the other hand, maybe Mariah is just fat, and 100% not pregnant.

Do you think Mariah Carey is indeed pregnant in the photos?


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