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Mariah Carey Sued for Unpaid Vet Bills

I am always fascinated when some celebrity gets sued by a vendor or a person who rendered them a service. First of all, I am always surprised at how much money some people are willing to spend for services that the rest of us get for a very minimal cost, and also just what some people are willing to pay for.

Take the case of Mariah Carey.

She is being sued for about $30,000 for not paying her vet bills. Seems simple enough, right? But take a closer look. Mariah actually spent $40,000, but paid almost $10K of the bill. Also, the bill was just for vet services, and it is just for one month.

That is a lot of money for one month.

And the kicker is that it does not seem like the costs were for actual medical procedures. The vet who is suing Mariah makes house calls. She says the charges were for "extraordinary services."

You would think if it was some illness or the pregnancy of the dog that she would have mentioned that. She didn't. So, I am wondering if this was for things like dog massages or some similar type thing. I also wonder why she had a vet do it for $1000 a day when she has a servant named Nick who would do it for free.


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