Maria Shriver Leaked Love Child Story

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Hmm, I still say that the e-mail Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon sent to all of her husband's co-workers about his cheating is still the best Hollywood revenge story I have heard, but Maria Shriver does probably break the top ten.

It would have been higher, but I am still not convinced she did not know what was going on for a long time, chose to live with it and then when the time was right used it all to her advantage. I guess if you live with something that long you are entitled, but why didn't she just leave many years ago?

It was not like this whole cheating thing was a one time thing. It was not like the groping or molesting was a one time thing. At some point, you have to say you will not tolerate it any longer and leave.

Anyway, it turns out Maria is the one who leaked the story to the press because she just found out and was so angry.

Again, what is her answer to the question that the world kind of knew in 2003? Then this kid goes on vacations with you and you don't notice the resemblance? I just do not buy it.


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