Who Leaked Arnold Schwarzenegger Baby News? Maria Shriver


In an interesting twist, we’ve learned that it was Maria Shriver’s camp who actually leaked the news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child with the housekeeper!

Maria was said to have found out about the true identity of the maid’s kid in late April/early May, and she was so miffed about the news that she wanted to hold a press conference! She was hysterical and wanted to get the news out there, so everyone would know how much of a douchebucket her husband is.

Maria was convinced by her friends to go forth with the story, instead of dropping a bomb on the public. Arnold is upset that Maria leaked the news to the media. Oh well! Should’ve kept it in your pants, dude. When you cheat, all bets are off scumbag.

Don’t you agree?

Now, she’s definitely ready to go through with the divorce. If their prenuptial agreement is thrown out, she could walk away from this a very, very rich woman. I say take him for all you can get! Who’s with me?


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