Maria Claire Uses Fake Kate Middleton Cover

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What do you do if you are a fashion magazine that MUST have the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, on the cover of your magazine? The only problem is that she doesn’t pose for magazine covers. Simple….take matters into your own hands and photoshop the beautiful Kate Middleton onto your cover. Without her permission.

Marie Claire’s South Africa cover was designed to look as if the Kate struck a pose for the magazine while rocking some beautiful clothes designed by Clive Rundle from South Africa.

“We were so inspired by her fairytale wedding and her life as a modern-day princess, which is why we elected Kate Middleton as our cover star for the August issue but upon closer inspection, the cover is — much like her life — more fantasy than reality. The cover is actually a hyper-real illustration of Kate, meant to be a fan art tribute to fashion’s new royal icon,” said Marie Claire writer Marisa Crous.

What do you think of the cover? The cover may be “fan art” but does that give magazines the right to use someone’s photo on the cover without their permission?


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