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Margaret Cho Blasted For North Korean Character At Golden Globes (Video)

Comedian Margaret Cho has never shied away from controversy, and last night’s Golden Globes was no exception.

During the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made light of the recent situation between the United States and North Korea in which the Asian nation threatened to attack the states if the Seth Rogen/James Franco film “The Interview” was released.

In a bit that aimed to poke fun at the situation, Fey and Poehler called out the “newest member” of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, played by Cho.

“The Hollywood Foreign Association comprises journalists from all around the globe and we would like to now introduce you to our newest HFPA member. A contributor to Movies Wow magazine and a North Korean army general; Cho Yung Ja. Welcome.”

The camera quickly turned to Cho, who was sitting among the biggest stars near the stage, dressed in North Korean military garb and holding the fictional magazine “Movie Wow.” On the cover of the magazine was North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

During her first bit, Cho’s character demanded a photo op with Meryl Streep, and during the picture, snapped by Michael Keaton, Benedict Cumberbatch jumped up for a photobomb.

“Thank you, crisis averted. God Bless,” Fey quipped.

Later in the show, Cho’s character showed up multiple times, each time making fun of North Korea’s attempts at censorship. While many people thought her character was great, lots of others saw it as racist.

“I've always loved margaret cho but she needs to stop shuckin' for white folk,” Twitter user LordeBarrington wrote.

“Margaret Cho that was freaking awful. Is she going to shuck and jive too? #GoldenGlobes #whenthechecksstopcoming,” user BougieBlackGurl tweeted.

“@margaretcho still not funny. The Asian stereotyping bit still old, even pretending to be North Korean. Worst bit of the night #GoldenGlobes,” tweeted DaveSaitzyk.

Do you have a problem with Cho's North Korean character?

Sources:Daily Mail, Yahoo News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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