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This Map Shows You Your State’s Most Popular Movie

Say goodbye to Florida and hello to Scarface.

If states were to be given the name of the most popular movie that’s ever taken place there, it’s safe to say some would be more appealing than others.

A map created by Reddit user Jakubisko uses IMDB ratings to replace the names of the country’s 50 states and Washington, D.C., with the most popular movie set in each one.

“Gran Torino” replaces Michigan, “Pulp Fiction” represents California and “The Godfather” stands in for New York.

As mentioned, some states have not so appealing names bestowed upon them when following the criteria, such as “Psycho” for Arizona.

There are some results that make sense, such as the most popular film in Nevada is “Casino” and the top-rated film set in Nebraska is “Nebraska.”

Only one film was the top-rated in two states: the Coen brother’s 1996 film “Fargo” is the most popular film set in both North Dakota and Minnesota.

In order for a movie to qualify, a “large part of the film/the main plot has to take place in the state,” explained creator Jakubisko.

While some movies were obvious, such as “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” for Washington, D.C., there were some surprises. The 2011 romantic comedy “50/50” beat out the classic “Sleepless in Seattle” and even “Twilight” as the top movie set in Washington state.

Check out what film represents your state.

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