Map of Each State's Least Favorite Musical Artist Released


After presenting a popular map of favorite bands listed by state, Music Machinery has developed another map indicating the least favorite bands of each state.

Though the results sometimes change as the list depth increases (from top 50, 100 and 200), some artists are regulars on each list.

In all three list depth categories, Alabama seems to dislike anyone deemed “iconic,” like David Bowie or Bob Marley. Regardless of list depth, Maine despises R. Kelly, as does much of the Midwest.

In the top-50 list, Florida, Arizona, Mississippi, Indiana and Ohio all dismiss HAIM. A surprisingly small number of states, only Illinois and Vermont, have Chris Brown listed as their least favorite artist.

In New England, Luke Bryan is distinctly disliked.

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Top 100:

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Top 200:

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Sources: The Huffington Post, Consequence of Sound


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