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Man Wears Pig Mask, Pranks NYPD as 'Oinkie McBacon’ (Video)

Valeriy Abramov has filmed several pranks involving the NYPD, but his most recent joke triggered some threats from officers. reports that Abramov, wearing a pig mask and tail, introduced himself to several NYPD cops as “Officer Oinkie McBacon” while a cameraman filmed (video below).

Abramov asked several officers if they had seen his misplaced donuts and if they wanted to join his "Bacon Patrol," noted

While some of the officers enjoyed the joke, others ordered Abramov away and a few threatened to assault him.

"Ask me a real question or get out of my face," said one officer. "You mention a donut, I'm gonna smack that thing off your face."

"You lucky I don't knock you out," added another cop.

"You want to get out of my face before I f--- you up?" a traffic cop asked Abramov.

Reactions by readers on the Facebook page were mixed:

Dumb, but in Gothamist's continued tradition of attacking and mocking NYC's finest. I hope the morons who like this need a cop one day, who is too busy being harassed and mocked by this kid and ---holes like him, to be of any assistance to them.

It's stupid yes, but did some of the officers really have to get so aggressive and threaten to assault him? All it takes is a man trolling in a stupid costume to simply set officers off?

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