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Man Tries to Legally Change Name to "Boomer the Dog"

If you don't know what a FURRY is, well, first off, congratulations for being so adorably innocent.  Furries are people who are OBSESSED with stories where animals are like humans, and they like to dress up like animals and try to BECOME them.

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44-year-old Gary Matthews of Green Tree, Pennsylvania, has a RAGING furry obsession.  His particular leaning is toward a shaggy dog named Boomer.

Boomer is based off an old NBC show that pretty much everyone else in the world has forgotten.  It was called "Here's Boomer" and it lasted for 20 episodes between 1980 and 1982.  Boomer was a stray dog who saved people in trouble.

Gary liked Boomer so much that he goes to furry conventions dressed in a full-body Boomer costume.  And now he's decided he doesn't want to be Gary Matthews anymore . . . he wants to truly become Boomer.

So Gary is in the process of trying to legally change his name to Boomer The Dog.

A judge is deciding whether or not to grant Gary his name change request. By the way, ladies, the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" is reporting that Gary is currently SINGLE.

 Read more at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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