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Man Imitates Homer Simpson Eating (Video)

A man recently imitated Homer Simpson perfectly by cramming his face with food while sitting on a couch in front of a TV. notes that "The Simpsons" clip is from a season three episode entitled "Lisa the Greek."

In the video (below), the guy mimics Simpson's disgusting chomping move for move, so much so that the video has gone viral.

The video was produced by CinemaRaven, a company in Colorado.

Van Wampler, CinemaRaven’s director, told Buzzfeed:

The idea came while watching the show in our studio one night. On our days off we like to work on whatever it is we can to keep creative and fresh. The choreography wasn’t as challenging as I thought it was going to be. We simply went frame by frame with the show.

The whole thing would have been easier if the guy in the video, Caolan McArthur, could see the monitor that was set up in front of him. He has terrible vision without glasses on, so we had to tell him what to do. All in all, it took about seven hours from set-up to delivery, with a team of three.

Sources:, Buzzfeed
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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