Man Covers Face with Bees, Tries to Drink Gallon of Honey (Video)


A man who calls himself the "L.A. Beast" recently attempted to drink a gallon of honey with bees covering his face and buzzing around.

The L.A. Beast posted the video (below) on his YouTube page where he wrote:

For the past 13 years, the L.A. BEAST has been terrified of BEES and everything BEE related and today, under the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior, he plans on CONQUERING his fear of BEES by Chugging down a GALLON OF HONEY while an entire nest of bees colonize on his face!!

According to, the L.A. Beast previously tried to drink a gallon Tabasco sauce and a bottle of Crystal Pepsi from 20 years ago.

Before the L.A. Beast tried this stunt, David the Beekeeper, a bee professional, told him, "I don't recommend to do that, but you are crazy."

The L.A. Beast drank most of the honey, before throwing up some of it.

A gallon of honey contains roughly 24,000 calories. reports that the L.A. Beast does have a generous side as he mentioned a woman named Michelle Donaldson, who tracked down the beekeeper for the stunt. Donaldson needs money for medical bills for her bone-marrow transplant, so a donation page has been set up at

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