Man Broadcasts Drunk, Naked Wife Over PlayStation Live Stream


PlayStation is allowing gamers to broadcast their gaming with a live-streaming feature, but one man has already found a way to defile it.

A new PS4 game called "Playroom" on PS4 is streamed lived on Twitch TV for gamers all around the world to watch, notes

However, one PS4 owner decided to expose his dear wife, who was sleeping on the couch next to him.

According to, the classy couple sat on their couch drinking alcohol until the wife passed out. The gamer lifted her shirt and exposed her breast for about 15 minutes.

The gamer, who used the handle "Darckobra," turned off the broadcast for a few minutes, but returned with live video of his naked wife snoozing.

Darckobra was reportedly banned by Twitch TV, but other gamers are now broadcasting videos of themselves with guns and walking around naked.

This creates a problem for Sony, which apparently was not prepared for the porn capital of the world, the US, to start broadcasting naked bodies.

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