Man Admits To Killing Two Women On Turkish Dating Show (Video)

The video of Turkish dating show "Luck of the Draw" went viral this week after one of the show’s contestants confessed to killing two women.

The 62-year-old contestant, Sefer Calinak, described his first wife, also his cousin, as “irritating.” When a man who wanted to marry his wife continued to visit their village, he eventually became jealous and decided to kill her.

Calinak served only 4 ½ years for his crime and again married. At the time, he also had an affair with a married woman. When she refused to leave her husband for him, he killed her.

“I killed her after she attempted to kill me,” Calinak said. “She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe.”

Once again single, Calinak claimed on the dating show that he’s an honest man looking for a new wife.

The show’s producers admitted to knowing about one murder ahead of time and allowed him on the show because he had already served his time in jail.

Eventually, the show’s host asked Calinak to leave.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Daily Mail


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