Male Model Fired for Eating Croissant on Photoshoot

So it's not just female models who are told to starve themselves.

A male model was reportedly fired after he was seen eating a croissant during a photoshoot for American clothing titan Abercrombie and Fitch. The British newspaper The Daily Mail reported that the model, 20-year-old Belgian Florian Van Bael, chowed down on the forbidden snack during "what was considered to be an inappropriate moment," and was then told to leave the set.

There are times it's not a great move to eat at work. During a meeting (unless it's a meeting that takes place during a meal), your coworkers may consider it impolite if you're putting away a sandwich while you're talking to them. If you're handling documents or other objects that need to stay clean, you might not want to be elbow-deep in a bag of Doritos while you're doing so. And if you're modeling brand-new clothes, even if they are Abercrombie rather than Prada, it probably isn't such a smart choice to drop croissant crumbs all over them.

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This, however, is probably not the reason Van Bael was fired. According to the Daily Mail's article, the 30 models on the week-long Abercrombie shoot were subject to strict rules governing how much they could eat and how hard they were required to work out - probably so they wouldn't bloat up during the shoot and ruin continuity. But how much can your appearance really change in a week? Surely a croissant couldn't hurt the looks of a 20-year-old man who obviously has the metabolism of a racehorse?

Van Bael's agent was vague about the exact circumstances behind her client's firing, but agreed that he was at fault: "I don't think it's a question about coffee or croissant, it's just a question of respect during an important job," she said. 

Give the poor guy a break - he was probably starving.


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