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Magician Andy Gross Scares People With Half-Body Trick (Funny Video)

Comedian, ventriloquist and magician Andy Gross recently scared several people with his split-man routine in which he appears to be cut in half and carrying the lower part of his body.

Gross starts off by scaring two young women in a park, causing one of them to yell, "Dude, that is so not cool!" Later in the video (below), she runs to her friend's car and they speed away.

In another clip, he scares two women on a sidewalk walking their dog, causing more screams.

Back in the park, he pops out from behind a tree, growling at two women as they run, with one falling on the grass. The woman, who fell, later said: "The man has no body."

Gross also scares some men by carrying his sawed off legs, but after their initial fright, they seem to think it's funny, notes the Daily Mail.

Gross never reveals how he accomplishes the bizarre stunt.

Source: Daily Mail and


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