Bad Idea: Facebook Game Mafia Wars to Become Movie

In what I can only describe as my worst nightmare come true, Radar Pictures has set up a production deal to turn the stupid Facebook game Mafia Wars into a feature film.

The idea has been sent out to screenwriters. Is this really necessary? I’m so sick of seeing the Mafia Wars updates on my Facebook feed, that last thing I wanna see is a film being made from this crap.

But knowing the machine it’ll be a Tim Burton film, starring Helena Bonham Carter, and Johnny Depp which would pretty much guarantee it top spot at the box office. UGH!

What the hell is next, "Farmville: Escape from the Farm?"

Hollywood, please listen up! You need to quit coming up with sh*tty ideas, seriously.

If you people in the production companies are so damned desperate for project ideas, then might I suggest scrapping your entire staff and hiring capable filmmakers?

This whole b*llsh*t of remaking, sequelling, and using ridiculous games as story ideas is the whole reason that piracy exists. No one is gonna waste their hard earned money on frivolous crap such as this.

The MPAA spends tons of money each year trying to combat internet piracy, when they SHOULD use that money to bring quality entertainment product to the masses.

I for one am so sick of the garbage that passes for movies.

OOOH WAIT! I got a great idea! Hire some sociopathic highschool students to come up with ideas for ya… those might at least be somewhat interesting.

Ugh. What has the world come to?

I draw the line at Solitaire the Movie.

Source: Exclusive: Facebook Game, Mafia Wars, Being Developed Into a Feature Film [Pajiba]

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