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Madonna Demands Overhaul of Hotel for Her Stay

Madonna appears to be winning the race for ‘Diva of The Year’, and we haven’t even hit March yet.

The pop matriarch, 52, and her current boy toy, Brahim Zaibat, 24, recently checked into the Soho House hotel in Berlin for one night. As you do. has the lowdown on her Madgesty’s supposed requests before she checked in. According to the website’s report, the star’s entourage requested a complete overhaul of her digs for the one-nighter – at a cost of £15,000.

A source said: “Madonna doesn’t like to sleep where other people have slept. She needs all new things – a new bed, fresh paint, new lights. So we renovated the whole room. We have never had a request like this before.”

Madonna is known to be a devout follower of the Kabbalah faith. Her requests didn’t stop at a new paint job for the hotel room. The hotel snitch said, “We also had to provide 500 bottles of Kabbalah water [which is blessed by a rabbi] for Madonna and her entourage.”

Remind me next time I book into a hotel to request a new paint job. Oh, and can you make that mini bar free, and gin only, thank you!

Oh, the scandal!

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