Madonna Won't Let Daughter Lourdes Go on Date Alone

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon is dating her classmate Timothee Chalame, who plays the Vice President's son on 'Homeland.'

The two are similarly-aged, as Leon is 16 and Chalame is 17. 

But Madonna is reportedly not allowing them to hang out alone.

Though she allowed the two to go on a date alone, she sent a chaperone to keep an eye on them throughout. They went to Brother Jimmy's BBQ on Second Avenue in New York. 

They were also seen on a double date with Lourdes' father and his fiancee. 

During their time alone at the restaurant, the two sat next to each other as the guard sat at another table and "never took his eyes off of them."

"They were leaning close together to talk before food came. He was making her laugh a lot," a source said. 

When Madonna went on Extra, she talked about Lourdes' boyfriend.

"She has a very nice boyfriend," she said. When she was asked if it was Chalamet, she said, "I don't know!"

Sources: ICYDK


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