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Madonna Says 'I Helped Gaga Write' Born This Way

Is everyone angrier than usual at Madonna at the moment? Is there something she's done recently to make even her fans a bit stroppy with their idol? IT CERTAINLY SEEMS THAT WAY. But why?

Perhaps it's the guns she insists on branding on stage in the aftermath of the Batman killings, or maybe it's the picture of Marine Le Pen she's daubed with a swastika during her tour and those nipples she just can't keep under control, or it might even be the accusations of plagiarism she's leveled against Lady Gaga, or it could simply lingering resentment over the school she never built in Malawi. It's hard to know.

Still, when her last album sales were so appallingly low, what could she do? Try and write some different songs? Don't be ridiculous. Those things take time and effort. Why not just stir up a bit of controversy instead. It's quicker and easier. Which is what she told a Brazilian TV show:

"Music should be about ideas. Ideas inspire music, right? So in a show I always like to tell a story.

"I think you're not an artist if you're not dissecting and de-constructing ideas. That's the job of an artist."

An what about Lady Gaga stealing her songs?

“I’m a really big fan of “Born This Way”. I’m glad that I helped Gaga write it.”

So that's the controversy. Kind of leaves us feeling exactly neutral. Although, maybe it's the fact that she seems to be failing at doing what she does best that's what people are really irritated about. With Lady Gaga and Rihanna around doing all the controversial things she used to do, she's kind of run out of stuff to annoy people about, and people don't like to see their heroes get old. Except maybe the Rolling stones.  

However, the gun thing is just a bit silly on her part, and despite how bad the tragedy in Colorado was, getting Madonna to stop waving pistols around on stage isn't really going to make much difference to anyone involved. No one's sitting in the hospital saying 'Jesus, why doesn't that Madonna show a bit of respect'. Watching her hoik her boobs out every five minutes is far more traumatic than seeing her limply wave a gun around.

Either way, perhaps it's time for us to all give her a bit of a break, and maybe start treating her more like an eccentric old aunt and less like the 20 year old stripper she seems to think she is. Isn't that a lovely sentiment to find on Holy Moly?

Anyway, here's our recent review of her Hyde Park gig. Have a look at what we though of her live show. Go on.


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