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Madonna's Dad Appalled at Her 24-Year-Old Toyboy

Madonna's dad, Tony Ciccone, is not happy about her new boyfriend, 24-year-old French dancer Brahim Zaibat. Gee, I wonder why? I bet it's because of his weird accent! From the Globe:

Madonna’s long-suffering dad has finally had it with her young lovers-and has banned the 52-year-old singer’s toyboys from his home! [Ciccone] has told his superstar daughter, “Enough is enough,” says a source. “He’s told her in no uncertain terms that Zaibat is too young, and not to bring him when she visits. It’s fair to say he’s less than impressed by Brahim.”

Madonna was age 5 when her mother, Madonna, died. Her passing strained the father-daughter relationship. In fact, the Material Girl’s 1986 hit Papa Don’t Preach was her rebellious message to her strict dad. Over the years, Tony’s also endured her controversial book Sex and a string of toyboys. But he finally hit the roof over her affair with Zaibat-whose mother is EIGHT YEARS YOUNGER than Madonna! Says the source, “He feels she’s embarrassing herself and her children.” (Print Edition - 12/13)

Madonna's dad is just now realizing that she's "embarrassing herself and her children?" Where was this guy when she was releasing picture books about sex and movies about deepthroating beer bottles? Sorry, Daddy Ciccone, you're a little too late to be intervening in your daughter's life. Try influencing something that isn't as set in its ways -- like the Palestinians and Israelis.


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