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Madonna Releases Bizarre Short Film About Persecution (Video)

Madonna has released her heavily-hyped bizarre short film "SecretProjectRevolution," which she co-directed with photographer Steven Klein.

The beginning of the film, which was released on the web only, features Madonna in jail and her voiceover proclaiming that people "become intolerant" when "economic markets collapse" (video below).

Later in the film, the 55-year-old pop singer asks, “If I was a black man and had an Afro would you take me seriously? If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade would you take me seriously?” noted

The film also shows Madonna with a gun "shooting" some background extras, who fall over to canned audience applause.

The video then cuts to Madonna being dragged to jail while her voiceover complains about seeing "apathy" and intolerance." calls the film "insufferable" and suggests it was released to compete against Lady Gaga's upcoming new album.



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