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Madonna Faces Lawsuit Over Swastika Imagery During Concert

Madonna has come under fire for using a controversial in-concert video that features an image shown of Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen layered in a montage with a swastika superimposed on the singer's forehead (video below).

After a few seconds, the videos reveals an Adolf Hitler look-alike.

Madonna premiered the video in Israel, causing Le Pen to say “If she does that in France, [we will] be waiting for her.”

Not surprisingly, Madonna screened it in front of 70,000 attendees at her Stade de France concert near Paris.

Now, Le Pen’s team says a lawsuit against Madonna will be taken to the Paris courts within a few days. There is still no word on how much Le Pen will seek in damages, but his father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, recommended that Madonna and her team pay $1-million to his daughter.

The FN has been known for anti-Semitic and racist statements in the past, but has bene trying to rehabilitate its image.


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