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Madonna Directs Daughter Lourdes In New Film (Photos)

Celebuspawn Lourdes Leon has been cast in her mother Madonna’s movie W.E.

Lola was snapped on the London set of the flick – about King Edward VIII’s romance with American Wallis Simpson – wearing a school uniform ready for her movie debut.

No word on what part part she’ll play or how big her role is, but you can bet your granny she won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

Madge is also said to be extremely budget-conscious while making the movie, with gossip that she has used her own furniture on-set.

According to the New York Post, Madge is financing the film herself and has been saving cash by bringing her own furniture from her house in New York to the set.

In June Madonna spoke to Interview magazine about financing the flick, saying, Once I started casting and planning and working with my production designer, I went, ‘Oh, [bleep], I wrote a script about a bunch of rich people. That’s going to be great for the budget.”

Check out some on-set snaps below:


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