"Mad Men" Season 5 Premieres on Sunday

Sunday is the day fans of the hit 1960s show "Mad Men" have been waiting 17 months for -- the premiere of Season 5.


Want more info on Mad Men season 5? Check out our gallery of characters here.


When we last saw advertising genius Don Draper, he was impetuously proposing to his secretary, while buxom office manager Joan Harris decided to keep the baby she had with lover Roger Sterling. Peggy Olson was busy trying to climb the ladder to success and Pete Campbell was maturing out of his sleazy ways and into being a responsible partner in the firm.

Notoriously secretive execuctive producer Matthew Weiner is keeping the wraps on what will happen in the two-hour premiere, but it is sure to be filled with lots of smoking and mid-century furnishings.

The season was delayed because of contentious contract negotiations between Weiner and AMC. But now it is back, and if you cannot wait until Sunday, click here for a gallery of photos from Season 5.


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