"Mad Men" Rocks, "Entourage" Finished


by Jacques "Jooks" Morel

Alright. The Emmys were yesterday. I know you guys only watch the red carpet for fashion tips - the actual show was great. Aside from a bunch of stuff I don’t feel like talking about, Mad Men managed to steal the show AGAIN (can you say repeat…nucca?)

However many of you have probably never seen this show. While I do not mean to over generalize, from my experience "Mad Men" is not a very popular show in my age group. Cool. I’ll switch the subject.


Me too. Of course how could I not? I am filled with testosterone, overtly large visions and dreams - I f***in’ love "Entourage". I have to dial that back a sec, though. Compared to "Mad Men", "Entourage" was once great but has now become an avenue for companies to SELL YOU S***. This makes me angry.

Product placement in shows is not as blatant as in a movie, but it makes sense. Of course they would pick "Entourage" to push a lifestyle into the minds of young adults. Of course. Why not?

Want to know the funniest part about it? Mad Men tells the story of WHY Turtle was jogging on Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect (which, I might add, isn’t out until November). The show is about 1960’s advertising executives on Madison Avenue. Mad Men has something for everyone that falls in love with Entourage every week…minus all the bullshit sales placement. Here is a couple reasons as to why.

Don Draper could out pull Vinny Chase in a Vegas Club. I’d put money on it. Maybe not in quantity…but in quality. In "Mad Men", Don Draper’s women are of a wide range and variety – however they rarely are basic lifeless females. Each one has personality and requires a level of seduction unseen in "Entourage". Essentially, the way Don Draper navigates women in the show is beautiful and shocking – where as Vince’s women seem to be all copies of each other – skinny and light skinned models.

He’s dating a porn star now too. Yea…I looked up Sasha Grey. I’m a fan of her work.

While it is entertaining to watch a lavish rich CURRENT life enacted in front of us, it is an atmosphere that hits closer to home. With "Mad Men" it is in the 1960’s – probably the single most important decade in the culture of the United States. Civil Rights! Woodstock! Kennedy! Kennedy’s head on Jackie’s Lap! Etc. Watching Don live lavishly on an executive’s salary in New York City is exhilarating.

They drink and smoke cigarettes all day. Sexual harassment is an accepted thing in the workplace. African Americans play secondary roles – waiters, cleaning people, maids – and their entire lives are just so damn interesting. It is almost like taking a telescope and looking back 40 years.

But there really is no reason to switch shows. Watch what you like and feel…but if you don’t watch Mad Men…you should. Don is BASED!

All I am saying is that we are all smarter than the crap that "Entourage" has become. Drugs, sex, and flash. Yes that is the actor life, but it was so interesting to see them argue about movies…film them…and have them be premiered. I just feel now the show is more about $$ and less about the actual craft.

Oh, Dania Ramirez is hot but she can’t really act. I think that’s done purposely though.

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