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"MacGruber" Movie Is a Piece of Skit

JJ Rating: C
See it again: Bits.
Own It: Hahaha…no.
Recommend it to: People who don’t remember how good SNL used to be.

It’s a skit from SNL that grew up to be a film that still acted like a little piece of skit. MacGruber.

How does a skit that mocks an ex-popular TV show become a movie, while the TV show never got a chance at the big screen? I actually had no idea if they had a film out for MacGyver, but apparently there is one in the works with New Line Cinema. They can only go up from MacGruber’s trite try. The film had moments, but they were so far apart—get this—they wouldhave made better skits. Ha, who’d-a-thought? I was impressed with Ryan Phillippe. He played his part so dead serious that when he actually did something that matched MacGruber’s antics, it was so stupid it was funny.

Not a lot of time spent on these movie reviews, you say? Well, I’ve decided if they can’t give a decent film for me to watch, they don’t get a decent review. Why try if they don’t? They get millions to try. I get nothing but a headache that I get when I drive because dumb people cause traffic—just like dumb people cause stupid movies. This is the third (I am sure the total is probably around five, but I didn’t see Letters to Juliet or Just Wright) McCrappy film of the summer. I hate Hollywood. That is, apparently, where talent goes to die. Hollywood and their vacuous creativity are killing theaters and moviegoers slowly and methodically. Pathetic.


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