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Video: Singer M.I.A. Plays Terrible Show, Spits On Photographer

M.I.A. was the headline act for the Hard NYC festival on Governor’s Island on Saturday. M.I.A. had sound problems and her set ended early.

The opening acts for the Hard NYC festival included Sleigh Bells, Die Antwoord, and Rye Rye. Many felt these acts upstaged M.I.A. badly.

The New York Times published a negative review of her performance, calling her political stunts (which included backup singers in burqas and gunshot sounds) “murky”.

But M.I.A. is blasting organizers of the Hard NYC Party festival in New York after her set was cut short for fears of electrocution during the thunder storm.

M.I.A. told fans on her Twitter page,, that lightning was considered a danger to the metal-framed stage, but she refused to go offstage, adding: “F*** that s**t.”

She also wrote: “Money doesn’t buy u s**t! I thought more money means better sound guys in America… I was wrong, the higher u go, they turn u lower !… That still didn’t stop us! It’s bigger then that!… f**k technology! Even the stage broke + parts of it fell off in the storm.”

After bombing her show, M.I.A. topped off the evening by spitting right in a photographer’s face.  Way to keep it classy, M.I.A.!

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