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Lowe's Targeted for Boycott After Pulling Ads from Muslim TV Show

Lowe’s, the home improvement chain, recently gave into the Florida Family Association’s (FFA) demand that it pull ads from TLC’s reality show 'All-American Muslim' because the TV show portrayed Muslims in a positive light.

Lowe’s issued a statement that called the show a “lightning rod” for complaints, but insisting that “we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

However, now religious advocates and entertainers including Kal Penn, Russell Simmons, and Mia Farrow are urging a boycott of the company.

Hip Hop mogul Simmons purchased ad time during this week’s episode of 'All-American Muslim' to counter Lowe’s. In doing so, ad time for this Sunday’s show is now sold out.

The computer hacking group Anonymous also contributed to the effort by forcing FFA to shut down its web site on Monday night.

California state Sen. Ted Lieu (D) is boycotting Lowe's and is looking into legal ramifications of the store's decision: “Lowe’s is engaged in religious discrimination… it is utter nonsense, it is religious bigotry, and I’m just stunned that Lowe’s pulled their advertising,” he said. “Those views from the Florida Family Association are completely bigoted.”

“If the show was called All-American Asian, or All-American Jew or All-American Latino, don’t you think the outcry would be a lot different? For some reason, people seem to think that it’s okay to discriminate against Muslim-Americans, and I’m just trying to say, ‘no, it’s not,’” Lieu said.


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