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Louisville Wins A National Championship, Coach Rick Pitino Agrees To Get A Tattoo

Louisville was playing for more than just a championship ring last night when they defeated Michigan to win the NCAA tournament title.

Clinching the program’s third national championship was good motivation, as was teammate Kevin Ware, who suffered a serious season-ending leg injury a few games back. But neither of those things matched up to Rick Pitino's tattoo pledge, apparently.

“About 12-13 games ago, all of these guys, when they say ‘hello’ they get a tattoo,” Pitino said in a postgame interview. “They said if you win the national championship, coach, you are getting a tattoo. I said ‘hell yeah, I am getting a tattoo.’”

Louisville defeated Michigan 82-76 and at least one of the players admitted that he believes the tattoo was the team’s biggest motivation.

“I think that was our biggest motivation, was to get (Pitino) a tattoo,” guard Peyton Siva said.

Pitino and the team are still deciding what the tattoo will be and where Pitino is going to put it.

Sources: USA Today, Huffington Post


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