Louis CK Mocks Royal Birth, Rolling Stone Magazine (Video)


Comedian and actor Louis CK mocked the royal birth on tonight's "The Daily Show" with guest host John Oliver.

CK was promoting Woody Allen‘s new film "Blue Jasmine." which he appears in, notes Mediaite.com (video below).

“I wasn’t going to say, but that’s my kid... I don’t understand why it’s a big deal. There was what, 50 babies born in Brooklyn today probably," said CK. "This baby was born with a castle already."

Oliver then responded: "People born in Brooklyn just have some White Castles they can go to, that's it."

Later, CK talked about working with Woody Allen: “All I wanted to do is meet him before he died, that was my goal... He is a hero of mine, I just wanted to meet him... I’ll probably never see him again. I was in the movie for three days.”

CK also gave his opinion on Rolling Stone magazine: “They put that kid on the cover that blew up Boston so fuck them, I don’t care.”

Source: Mediaite.com


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