Lou Reed's Last Interview (Video)


Rock star Lou Reed passed away in October due to complications from a liver transplant earlier this year.

In September, Reed gave what would be his last interview (video below) to Parrot Zik Headphones.

On his company YouTube page, Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot Zik Headphones, wrote:

A few months ago, I asked Lou Reed for his opinion. He told me that the headphones were well tuned for classical music but not for rock. And he told me he could help. So in September 2013, I traveled to his studio in New York; it would be the last time I would see him.

The interview (video below) took place on Sept. 21 and was conducted by Farida Khelfa.

Reed, who was always sarcastic with the press, fired some zingers during this interview, but appeared to be weakening. However, there are moments when he is touching and compelling, reports TalkingPointsMemo.com.

"My father didn't do s--- for me," says Reed, when asked if his dad bought him his first guitar.

The co-founder of the Velvet Underground also reminded Khelfa that he didn't have any musical lessons. He then shifted to headphones, technology and sound itself.

"There's only one or two headphones I know, where they address the bass, the bottom," said Reed. "Because how do you tell the difference between the bass drum and the bass? If it all sounds mushy together, that's very bad."

"With vinyl a lot of bass would make the needle skip, then with CDs, the CDs sounded so bad, it was horrifying," added Reed. "But with the technology today, much, much better."

"I just remastered every album I have," stated the rock and roll icon. "I take advantage of the new technology, it was so beautiful it made me cry. I'm very emotionally affected by sound... ordered sound is music."

Several rockers recently recalled their memories of Reed in Rolling Stone.

"Everyone talks about punk, but to me he was the Johnny Cash of New York rock," said Mick Jagger. "He was always the man in black. I used to have him over occasionally in New York, and later he used to come and visit Mustique [in the West Indies], which is not the most obvious place for Lou Reed to go on vacation."

Sources: Talking PointsMemo.com, YouTube, Rolling Stone


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