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Lou Reed Nixes Susan Boyle Performing His Song on TV

Although Susan Boyle is singing the Lou Reed song Perfect Day on her new album, Lou was not willing to give permission to have Susan sing his song on America's Got Talent. Susan had been scheduled to perform that song on Wednesday night, and had flown over from the UK to Los Angeles specifically to sing that song. She rehearsed it and people had flown from all over the world to watch her sing it, but two hours before showtime, Lou said no.

So, Susan, who was in her hotel room when she heard the news, broke down and then canceled her performance and went home. "Susan is a very sensitive soul, and she takes her work very seriously...she was very upset about the situation. She knew a lot of of fans had flown in especially to watch her perform and felt she had let them down. She was heartbroken and had put so much effort in to this performance. It's a real shame."

It is a shame. I don't understand why Lou would not let her sing his song. I think it is kind of a cold thing for him to do. Most people do not even remember who Lou Reed is and this would have been a chance for his music to be exposed to an entirely new audience.


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