Lots of Men and Probably Some Women Everywhere Mourning The Loss of "Skinemax"


Sad news for fans of late night soft-core porn; Skinemax will soon be a thing of the past.

HBO, which owns popular movie channel Cinemax, has announced that due to an overhaul of programming and the direction of the network, they will cut Cinemax After Dark, or Skinemax as it’s called by many.

The soft-core porn movies shown on the channel after hours are not only know for the sex, but also for the terrible acting by those in the movies. Popular originals like “Co-Ed Confidential” and “The Hills Have Thighs” are soon going to be alive only in memories and porn websites.

President of Programming for HBO Michael Lombardo says that he hopes with the rebranding of Cinemax comes an end to what’s associated with Skinemax.

“The hope is that I don’t hear ‘Skinemax’ any time after our original programming, what I’ll call the primetime originals, start to really take over,” said Lombardo.

Have no fear, Skinemax fans. There’s still the Internet.


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