Los Angeles TV Station Gets Pranked During Live Broadcast (Video)


News anchors at the Los Angeles TV station ABC 7 fell for on-air prank call yesterday, but were so oblivious to the joke, they kept interviewing the prankster.

The station was covering a massive water main break near UCLA that caused a man-made flood on the campus yesterday (video below).

The prank caller, who identified himself as Louis Slungpue ("slung-poo"), pretended to be a spokesperson from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (DWP), noted The Huffington Post.

During the interview with ABC 7, Slungpue claimed that a college student might have thrown a cherry bomb down the toilet, which could have caused the water main break.

"Can you say that again?" stated the male anchor. "You think somebody sent a cherry bomb down the toilet?"

Slungpue then explained how the DWP puts on seminars telling people not to throw explosives down the toilet.

"It was either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump, y'know?" added Slungpue.

FTVLive.com notes that the female news anchor continued the interview and asked, "That is incredible. Are you 100 percent sure about that?"

After the phone call suddenly ends, someone states, "It's a prank call."

"Oh, we lost him," added the female anchor. "I'm sorry about that."

Sources: FTVLive.com and The Huffington Post


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