"Friday" Singer Rebecca Black Releasing Second Single


Rebecca Black isn’t going to stop, after the online storm she’s caused with ‘Friday’ – she’s making a full album. The singer has already planned the follow-up to the internet smash single: a number called, “L.O.L.”

See what you’ve done?

She’s recording the single and album at the Flying Pig Productions studio in Los Angeles, although she’s working without a record deal.

And despite her lyrics being slammed for being mundane, Black has said that she’s not about to change tack now. “I like the fact I am singing like a 13-year-old girl, not trying to be anything else,” she told The Sun.

“I would consider some [songs on the album] teenage love songs but I want to keep it appropriate and clean.”

She also had some words for those who have taken a pop at her.

“People were saying, ‘You’re the worst singer, this is the worst song’,” she outlined. “They criticized my voice and the lyrics. But I call them negative Nancies. They can try to rain on my parade but as far as I’m concerned they are raining on their own parade.”

I don’t care if she’s passed Bieber (582,893 likes, 1,165,430 dislikes) up with her 145,927 likes, 1,209,007 dislikes — this girl isn’t going away and I’m damn mad!

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